Holiday Parties


It’s that time of the year! My company just had our holiday party yesterday. It was my first casual daytime event, as all parties I’ve attended were evening soirées.

The Good:
Having fun, seeing people break out of their shell, acting like clowns, dancing and cracking jokes. It’s nice to see colleagues outside of the work environment to get to know another dimension of them we’re not usually exposed to, especially because I’m a leader and have to maintain my professionalism.

The Bad:
Inebriated, acting like a fool and speaking without a filter. It’s like diarrhea of the brain.

Long story short, the afternoon event extended through the evening with alcohol at happy hour through the night. It was all in all, good times. Except for when inebriated colleagues hit on you and are so forward and vocal about it in the presence of fellow colleagues, it’s embarrassing. For both parties, in my opinion. What’s even more interesting is that it’s happened to me a few times, a new experience every time. This time, I never would have pegged this guy as being attracted or interested in me. It caught me by surprise and came from left field. And what I hate about it? People talk regardless of what you do. Come Monday, I’m sure I’ll get an earful about Mr. ____________ hitting on me. Thankfully I’m not interested. It’s always a certain type of guy that’s attracted to me.

Anyway, a select few peers in leadership and I ran around the marina like kids, hopping on kiddy rides, having fun. Companies ought to have events like this quarterly!



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