Colon Cleanse


This is a gross post but I had to put it out there. Has anyone tried colon cleansing? If so, which product(s) and how effective was it, or lack thereof?

A good number of colleagues have been on this stuff trying to lose weight, shed pounds, eat right in efforts to be the best shape of their lives. Their ages range from 30’s and up. It appears that some of these folks really did shed a lot of weight paired with eating right, and being physically active.

Every summer, I gain weight. Every fall into winter, I lose weight naturally. This summer, I gained 5-10 pounds. I was however, on hiatus this summer when it came to hiking. The constant exchange between summer heat and air conditioning didn’t help my knee. So I have this urge to try colon cleansing once, just to observe the effects on my body. I’ve never been through it, so I’m trying to gather feedback from those who have tried it.

I miss those rugged narrow trail hikes so much, that I’ll be hiking through Hollywood, and summit all three peaks around the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory this weekend. For those of you who are familiar with those trails, I don’t hike the wide paved trails cause it’s not challenging. I love climbing ridges from peak to peak, and rock climbing in between.

Once my body is reconditioned, I’ll return to Southern California mountains, and the Los Angeles National Forest to trek steeper trails with survival gear. When we last trekked the canyons, a guy slipped off the narrow rugged trail, got injured and had to be airlifted with the fire department, paramedics, ambulance, choppers and search and rescue team on the scene. Wished I could trek the Himalayas again this year. Maybe from Tibet one day, since I’ve already trekked from Nepal.

Feeling determined.

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